Miscellaneous refers to things that have various types. This word is used to describe something that is comprised of different elements or is from different sources. It is a synonym to assorted, eclectic and heterogeneous.  
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21 angielskich słów, które razem znaczą coś innego niż osobno


Phrasal Verbs

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How does playing the vocabulary game at Freerice help me?

Learning new vocabulary has tremendous benefits. It can help you:

  • Better formulate your ideas
  • Write more effective papers, emails and business letters
  • Speak more precisely and persuasively
  • Comprehend more of what you read
  • Read faster because your comprehension improves
  • Get higher grades in high school, college and graduate school
  • Increase your scores on tests like the SAT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT
  • Improve your performance at job interviews and conferences
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After you have played Freerice for a while, you may notice a strange phenomenon. Words that you have never consciously used before will begin to pop into your head while you are speaking or writing.

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In other words: "That is what Tiggers like best"
We recommend you that so amazing Georgy Colberg's website and photographs :
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In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. The images depict a world that is without beginning or end, here or there, past or present.”

—Gregory Colbert, Creator of Ashes and Snow
Crazy definitions by students: Letter A
Absolute: The best musical instrument in the World, ever !

Abundance: Lots of dancing cakes

Accidental: When you fall and knock your teth out on the way to the dentist

Actor: A man who tries to be everything but himself

Adult: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and has started growing in the middle

Advertising: Makes you think you've always wanted something that you've never heard of before

Afford: A very popular make of car

Anti-freeze: A female relative from Greenland

Archeologist: A person who's career lies in ruins

Aromatic: Early machine for making arrows

Astronomer: A night watchman

Attendance: Dance for 10 people

Audio Visual: Sign language

Automate: When your best friend is a robot