Our trip to London

Last month (September) some students from our school got into a bus to cross long way to London. I will try to describe our trip in the shortest way that is possible.

Day 1st (in England)

So we came safetly to England. The first thing to see was Greenwich-place where the meridian 0o is situated. Next we visited National Maritime Museum and after that we saw one of the most famous London symbols - Tower Bridge and Tower of London. We also saw Picadilly Cirrcus and China Town. In this day most of us rode the tube for the first time ever.


Day 2nd

We drove to Oxford, one of the oldest and renowned university centre in the world. I think everyone knows who Harry Potter is! Books and movies about young wizard are well known all around the world.  We were in England so we couldn’t miss visit in Warner Bros. Studio. Majority of costumes and props are available for visitors.

Day 3rd

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument, the remains of a ring of standing stones set within earthworks. Some of people even think that it was made by aliens. Anyway Stonehenge is a very mysterious place. We took a walk around it and made many photos.

Day 4th

It was our last day in London. We visited a great Natural History Museum. Personally I loved it! Sadly we didn’t have enough time to see the whole museum. One of the things we saw on that day was Baker Street 221B - the street of Sherlock Holmes (character from books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). Of course we took a ride on London Eye too.

In our way back home was a big delay but everyone returned to home safely

                                                                                                             Ola Seń 3f

Today I want to write about a  Polish photo reporter,  Krzysztof Miller. That man witnessed over  thirteen wars !!! But the question is one...Why did he want to go there? For money, fame, or for fun? I don't know.

When I was on a meeting with him, on  3rd October 2013, he told me and other people ,,It's just a work like a policeman, fireman , doctor or a soldier. " . When I heard  that I saw him in a new light. He's like a spectator of a film , he can see what’s going on...but he can't do anything. He is just a photo reporter and he does his job.

                                                           Krzesimir Junka, 3D

A few days ago I was a at The Public Library in Opole at meeting  with a Polish war photographer,  Krzysztof Miller. Recently his book "13 wars and 1 more" has been issued.

Krzysztof Miller spent long time photographing  wars  along with describing his feeling about those  dreadful  events, which  wars are.  At the meeting I noticed that Krzysztof was very shy  and he had problems with speaking in  public.   At a certain point   he had to go out. He couldn't probably withstand  his feeling and memories.  Indeed, the photos he took and showed to us were very emotional and very sad.  There was a photo which particularly made me cry,  a photo with ruined houses in the background and a mother with a baby at the front.

 After the show, Krzysztof Miller talked to us. Honestly, he amazed everyone. I have thoughts like "was he always THAT introverted?" "Maybe he wasn’t, but the wars changed him?"

At the beginning  I thought that wars may make a person more self confident.  But a deeper thought is that a war makes ordinary  people,  like Krzysztof Miller, me, you and anyone else, more closed and fearful.

Only evil person would make profit out of war.  I think Millers' job ruined him.

Kamil Wróbel, IIIC