Welcome to the website of our school Gimnazjum nr 1 in Glubczyce.
This site was created by two teams: Art Team - The Artist Way and Writers Team - Golden Quill. We are here becouse we want to experience an adventure with English, become famous for our achievements in the field of Art, share our passions and have fun together. And all these in our School!


            Our town is situated in the south-western part of Poland on the area of the Opole Province. This terrain is a part of the Opavian Mountains and Sudetic Mountains.

              The first reference to Głubczyce comes from 1107. At that time it was either a Moravian village or a wooden stronghold situated on the right bank of the Psina river on the Czech territory. German colonists built a town on the right bank one hundred years later. Lubschicz - the German name of Głubczyce, was first used in a document dated 1224.

 Głubczyce is an important cultural center, well known in the region. We have some interesting events here: Festival of School Choirs of the Opole Province, Głubczyce ‘Culture Days’, International Festival for Young Pianists,, International Upper Silesia Festival and much more.

We would like to invite you to visit our town.